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Essential Information

Statutory information that must be included on our website

From September 2012 schools in England no longer have to publish an annual school prospectus. However there are changes to the law on what must be included on school websites. The changes are contained in the School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012. Below is a list of things that the School must now include on its website from September 2012.

General School Information

Founded in 1928 under the Trusteeship of the Sisters of Mercy, Broughton Hall Catholic High School, provides the very best in modern education for our pupils based on the Gospel values of mutual respect and care. Our school motto "Cor Unum et Anima Una" - One Heart and One Mind - reflects the strong sense of community amongst staff, pupils, parents and governors. The central aim of our school is to provide excellent educational opportunities enabling each girl to develop her God-given talents, to grow in confidence and self-esteem and fulfil her potential. The Catholic Ethos of the school strives to demonstrate that we respect and value every member of the school community. We have high expectations of all our pupils in terms of the quality and presentation of their work and of their general conduct.

Improvements to our site have enabled us to offer a wide range of courses at all levels with access to the most up to date equipment. We have now moved into our "state of the art" 21st Century new buildings. Our facilities are bright, spacious, high tech and designed to meet the needs of all our pupils. We can now offer one of the best learning environments in the country. A full range of extra-curricular activities are provided to further the aesthetic, sporting and academic talents of each pupil. This commitment has recently been recognised by the Artsmark Gold Award and the International Schools Award. Through our Community courses and family of Schools, we have extended educational opportunities to all ages, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our pupils achieve outstanding results; develop as well rounded individuals with skills for life in the 21st Century founded on the values of our Trustees the Sisters of Mercy. We believe that by fostering self-reliance, self-control, initiative and the ability to make reasoned judgements, our pupils, with God?s help, will develop into caring adults, showing concern for others and contributing much to the development of society in the 21st Century.

The name, postal address and telephone number of the school

Name of School:
Broughton Hall Catholic High School
Yew Tree Lane
West Derby
Liverpool L12 9HJ
School Contact Information:-
Mrs G Smith
Phone: 0151 541 9440
Fax: 0151 259 8448
Head Teacher:
Mr G Preston

Admissions Information

For information on the school's Admissions Procedure please click here.

Further information and guidance can be obtained from the following Local Authority Websites:-

Ofsted Report

Covid 19 Catch up Funding

Most Recent Key Stage 4 Results

Progress 8 score: +0.47

Attainment 8 score: 46.50

Percentage of pupils who achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and Maths at the end of key stage 4 37.6


MATHS 4.08

16 to 19 Key Stage 5 Results
Overall APS per Entry 35.70
Average Grade per Pupil B-
Value Added 0.17
Vocational APS 32.76

Destination post Sixth Form Unvalidated
93% entered Education/Employment or Training
81% Higher Education (Note 84% entered an Education establishment)
4% Apprenticeship
6% Gap Year

Destinations post Year 11
Destination Percentage of year group
Broughton Hall Sixth Form 38%
Other Sixth Form 9%
Apprenticeships/ Traineeships 6%
Post 16 College 47%
Unknown 2%
Total 100%

Information for students and parents

Subject / Syllabus / Examination information for all GCSE /Level 2 qualifications and GCE / Level 3 qualifications.

School Performance Tables Information

Please click on the link below for up to date information.


Any further information that is required regarding curriculum should be directed towards

Mrs B Davies - Year 7
Ms A Lunney - Years 8 & 9
MS S Connolly - Year 10 & 11
Mrs K Hudson Post 16

Any other questions or queries regarding curriculum should be directed to Mr G Preston

Further assistance regarding our school curriculum is also available by contacting Mrs G Smith on 0151 541 9440 who can help direct you to the appropriate member of staff.

Behaviour for Learning

We continually strive to give our pupils the best opportunities to develop as individuals and to maximise their learning.

    Our aims are:
  • to create a positive and safe environment for learning
  • to promote a culture based on achievement, care and support.
  • to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • to encourage the highest standards of learning and training.


Pupil Premium

This information can be found on a seperate page on our website

Literacy and Numeracy

Further updates on this will follow and for the catch up strategies that will be put in place irrespective of funding.

Special Educational Needs

At Broughton Hall we want all pupils to receive the very best possible education. Our aim is to help each and every pupil to develop to their full potential, bearing in mind their individual needs and abilities. We recognise, however, that all children are different and may have very different needs.

The four broad areas of need are:

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Sensory/ Physical Need

or a combination of these needs.

The school operates a graduated approach to the identification of students with Special Educational Needs and Disability. The subject teachers will use a four step model; Assess, Plan, Do, Review. Evidence of individual performance based on learning outcomes will lead to intervention being put in place. If the student requires further additional intervention the SENCO will organise a consultation with the Educational Psychologist.

Girls with special educational needs are helped in a variety of ways:

  • As well as receiving information from primary schools and level 2 NCT tests, they are tested very soon after coming to school and these base line scores are used to ensure they are in the correct groups for their needs.
  • Parents are contacted early in their daughter's life in Broughton Hall and their needs are discussed with the SENCO and any outside agencies which already have an involvement with a pupil. There are Annual Reviews for pupils with EHC plans.
  • Students identified as having Special Educational Needs and/or Disability have a Learning Support Profile for all members of staff to access and plan work accordingly.
  • Lexia is a piece of software that is recommended by the British Dyslexia Association to support Year 7 and 8 students with literacy difficulties. Symphony Maths supports Year 7 and Year 8 with numeracy difficulties.
  • Students with ASD have speech and language intervention social communication lessons from a trained member of staff once every two weeks.
  • Students are assessed for special access arrangements during examinations by the SENCO.
  • Learning Support Managers are designated to offer pastoral support for learning.
  • Students identified with cognitive and learning needs work in small groups with a Teaching Assistant in most subjects.
  • Students receive Literacy and Numeracy intervention from Year 7 onwards from specialist teachers.

As a parent/guardian, what do I do if I have a concern about how my child's special needs are being supported? At Broughton Hall Catholic High School each subject teacher is a teacher of SEN. If you have a concern regarding your child's progress or the support that she is given, start with her subject teacher.

If you feel that the response has been inadequate, you can contact the Head of Subject.

The person with responsibility for the operation of special needs with the school are as follows;

SENco - Mrs H Marteau -

Assistant SENco - Miss S Jackson -

They can be contacted by phone (0151-5419481) or by email. Lastly, as a parent your ultimate recourse is with the Headteacher. At Broughton Hall Catholic High School we can assure you that the matter raised will be treated with the utmost respect and seriousness and dealt with in a timely fashion.

Other Documentation

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