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Homework is an important part of school life

As a Catholic school we seek to nurture our pupils God given talents. Homework helps pupils to develop independent learning skills which will help them to make good progress and achieve well in school. Parents have an important role to play in helping their child to recoginse the importance of education and its ability to help individuals achieve their dreams. To do this parents are asked to take an interest in the work set and encourage their daughter to give of her best, each and every time.

Homework might involve a pupil: researching; reflecting on previous lessons; preparing for the next lesson; project work; completing/ redrafting work; practicing skills; learning vocabulary; creating; rehearsing; improving work based on teachers' feedback and completing online tasks on Teams or websites such as Sparks Maths.

Guideline amounts will vary by age, subject and time of year but typically:

  • Years 7-9: 30 - 40 minutes per subject
  • Years 10-11: 45 - 60 minutes per subject
  • Year 12-13: 60 minute+ per subject

Reading for Pleasure

Reading is a vital skill and one which we value as a school. Reading is promoted via Reading Friday's, and we would ask that you encourage your daughter to read and to bring a book on a Friday. A good range of books are available to loan from the McAuley Centre or the school's mobile library service.

Independent Learning

As pupils progress through the school we expect them to take more responsibility for their own learning. Personal tasks such as reviewing classwork, revisiting previous work and reading a round the subject can help pupils to accelerate their progress.

Homework Timetables

Years 7-9
Subject How often is homework set? What the homework will look like per subject
Core Computing Every other week Students will be given diagnostic multiple-choice homework. The homework will be a Microsoft Form self-marking quiz. It will be available on CC and OneNote. Students will need their BH email and passwords to access the homework.
Design Every other week Food: Students will be required to gather and bring in their own ingredients for food practical lessons. Students will receive individual worksheets or complete ongoing pieces of work for a topic. Revision for assessments.

Textiles: Students will be required to bring fabrics/ribbons for products were necessary and will compete class work and research on designers and design movements.

Product Design: Students will be required to complete pre-printed work sheets and research pages.

Art: Students will be required to complete tasks started in lesson and in addition research into artist and art movements.
English Every week Continuing homework projects with deadlines shared by teacher covering a range of tasks that will consolidate learning during lessons.
Geography Every other week Students will complete homework tasks from a booklet. Students should select 1 of three options and complete this in their booklets. Homework will be published on Classcharts by teachers and the homework booklets are also published on class charts at the start of each topic. Students are tasked with a range of options, from written reports, questions, quizzes, research opportunities.
History Every other week A mix of extended writing tasks based on topics covered in class, research and pre-learning activities.
Maths Every week Completed on SPARX Maths, they have a homework book to complete it in, but the homework is submitted online.
Music As required To enhance your musical learning, consider joining an extracurricular club or activity (Choir/Band/Tuition). Revise key information as set by your music teacher.
PE As required To enhance your physical education consider joining a range of extracurricular sports clubs and/or following a healthy, active lifestyle including exercise on a frequent basis. Read articles on a termly basis to improve literacy and knowledge of current topics within sport.
RE Every other week Homework will be set in a variety of ways that will further support student learning and experience of Religious Education.
Science Every week Worksheets / activities to consolidate or further classroom learning; learn/revise general Science knowledge; extended homework projects running throughout a topic; research/pre-learning activities; revision for assessments.
Spanish Every week Paper copy/booklet and extensions directed by the teacher with online content languagenut/quizlet/active learn.
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