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Hello, my name is Phil Johnson, and I am the school Chaplain here at Broughton Hall High School. It is a great privilege to serve here as chaplain, to support all students and staff in daily life. In addition to pastoral support and teaching, I especially enjoy working alongside our music department. Working with our choir is a joy and it is wonderful to interact and work in this capacity with students.

Catholic Life at Broughton Hall is inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The single most important message that I hope to impart to our students is that they are wholly loved by God in Jesus Christ. Our students are each unique and precious to God and this truth can strengthen faith, character and identity. A phrase from Psalm 139 in the bible say's:

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well."

To know Jesus as our savior and friend inspires worship as a lifestyle. Our daily life here in school will be enriched by this relationship as we endeavor to love our neighbor and become one family in Christ. Mercy values are at the heart of our Catholic ethos reminding us to value everyone and to help those in need. Our charity begins with acts of kindness to one another and from this position we are stronger in our care for those in our wider community.

In daily life there are many hardships to bear, but also Joy's to celebrate. The liturgical year offers many opportunities for us all to rediscover: Peace, Hope and Love.

We will be keeping you informed of any Mass services taking place and I look forward to meeting family members, parents and guardians at our upcoming school events.

God bless.
Phil Johnson
Broughton Hall Chaplain

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