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Applying to come to Broughton Hall Catholic High School

The Governors of Broughton Hall Catholic High School have agreed an admission number of 210 pupils for September 2022. Applications for places will be made strictly according to the Liverpool Authority's co-ordinated admission arrangements and Broughton Hall's Admission Policy.

Further information about secondary school admission process in Liverpool can be obtained by visiting the Council's website or if you are a Knowsley resident

To apply for a place at Broughton Hall Catholic High School you must complete and return the following forms:

a)    The Preference Form/Common Application Form supplied by Liverpool Children's Services
       (or other authorities if you are not a Liverpool Resident)
       (to be returned to Liverpool Children's Services)

b)    Broughton Hall Catholic High School's Supplementary Information Form
       (to be returned to Broughton Hall Catholic High School)

Admissions Policy and Information Arrangements

Schools' Supplementary and Information

The supplementary form for September 2023 will be available soon

This is the preferred application option. If you have any difficulty filling in this form please contact 0151 541 9454 or

Once you have submitted this form, please email copies of your proof of address and your daughters Baptism certificate to Can you ensure the email states your daughters full name and date of birth.

Due to Sunday 31st October falling in the October half term, supplementary forms that arrive in the post or are hand delivered on Monday 1st November will not be counted as late entries. The deadline for the online version of the supplementary form remains Sunday 31st October.

Admissions Checklist

Important dates


If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a place at Broughton Hall then you do have the right to appeal. Appeal information will be sent to you on National Offer Day by Liverpool Children's Services but you can also obtain further information by visiting Liverpool Archdiocesan website who administer our appeals.

In year transfers

This is for pupils wishing to transfer from one secondary school to another during the academic year. If you wish your child to be considered for a place at Broughton Hall Catholic High School then you first must liaise with her current school to request an in year transfer. Your child's school will then pass this information on to Liverpool City Council Admissions Department who will then contact us. Once a decision has been made the Council will then inform you of the outcome.

If you wish to transfer your daughter from another authority or have just moved into Liverpool then please contact Liverpool City Council Admissions Department on 0151 233 3006 or visit their website

Admission to Sixth Form

All applications are dealt with by the school - Please contact Broughton Hall Catholic High School's Sixth Form Office.

Contact Us
If you would rather speak to someone regarding the admission process then please contact Beth Games on 0151 541 9454 or contact

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