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Assessment and Reporting

Assessing and reporting at Key stage 3 in Broughton Hall Catholic High School

In September 2015 the Final Report of the Commission on Assessment without levels a body set up by the Minister for School Reform in February 2015 and chaired by John McIntosh CBE was released. This document was intended to support schools in the development of new approaches to assessment following the removal of levels. It was acknowledged in the report that assessment and the curriculum go hand in hand however to get to the very heart of good teaching then high quality formative assessment is essential.

The rationale behind these government reforms was to give teachers more opportunity to develop and deepen pupil learning. This therefore has allowed us here at Broughton Hall Catholic High School the opportunity to review our assessment and reporting policy and to amend and adapt it so that it enables our pupils to achieve their potential in all subject areas. In reporting assessment our focus is on the skills and knowledge that each individual pupil achieves within each subject studied. From summer 2021 our reporting for key stage 3 pupils will be given as described below for each subject. Assessments will be both formative and summative in nature informing pupils and teachers of progress and planning for next steps.

Written comment

This will include information about attitude and behaviour to learning.

Progress Grade

1 - Working above age related expectations
2 - Working at age related expectations
3 - Working below age related expectations

Attainment Grade

Emerging: the student is just beginning to learn and / or understand the subject and skills necessary.

Developing: the student is showing an increased understanding of the subject and skills.

Securing: the student has achieved a sound understanding of the subject and skills.

Exceeding: the student shows evidence of a deeper understanding and has acquired a higher skill level within this subject.

Descriptors for each subject area can be found by following the links below.

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