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Blended Learning

Blended learning at Broughton Hall

This plan has been written by the school, building on staff consultation, national best practice, Liverpool Education Authority guidance, Department of Education and UK Government policy. It builds on the school's experience of remote teaching during lockdown.


As we begin our new school session, we will be adopting a new 'Blended Learning' model for teaching and learning. This involves providing both direct and remote teaching and learning opportunities, if an individual child or wider group of children must learn from home.

This policy document aims to clarify the implementation of Blended Learning at Broughton Hall, outlining Health and Safety guidelines, and directions to ensure your daughter's needs are met.

At Broughton Hall we are committed to providing both direct and remote teaching and learning opportunities to all our pupils. To deliver a coherent range of curricular experiences, our staff are committed to giving pupils access to learning activities which will meet their needs and build upon prior learning.

Below you will find fuller details of how Blended Learning operates at Broughton Hall.

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