The transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time in every pupil’s educational life. In order to aid this transition Broughton Hall Catholic High school welcomes Year 6 pupils on the city wide induction day. On this day pupils meet their progress tutors, their new class mates, get to know the school building and have a taste of life here at Broughton Hall. We hope that this day helps to ease initial concerns and answers any questions they may have.

Each Year 7 pupil is a member of a tutor group named after their form tutor and a house named after an inspirational woman from history. The tutor group meets every morning for registration. Morning registration has a particular focus and this proves to be invaluable as the pupils build a relationship with their progress tutor who will be their first point of pastoral contact.

As part of the induction programme, Year 7 pupils will be made fully aware of the high standards and expectations here at Broughton Hall Catholic High School. It is our priority to create and maintain the ideal learning environment for all our students, as such, good behaviour both in and outside the classroom is essential.
It is important that in Broughton Hall Catholic High School we;
  • Treat everyone as we would like to be treated
  • Are polite and courteous
  • Respect each other ,their property and our environment
  • Arrive to school in good time and are punctual to lessons
  • Are sensible and honest

Our school day begins at 8.35am


Our partnership with parents is of the utmost importance and the value we place on this relationship was recognised in 2015 when we were first awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award. In order for our pupils to achieve their full potential a supportive relationship between school and home is a priority.

On Induction day Broughton Hall Catholic High School provides each parent with a copy of our handbook (this can also be found on our website) This handbook provides parents with essential information which will help parents help their daughters settle in to their new school especially in the first few weeks of life in secondary school. Furthermore, there will be one to one parent/ pupil and teacher meetings where you will learn more about our school and our aspirations for your daughter. We will give you an insight into the journey your daughter is embarking upon and give you the opportunity to meet some of the staff who will be working with your daughter.

More details will follow shortly.