Broughton Hall High School - One Heart, One Mind

Monday 30th March, 7 am, the students arrived to board the bus with awaited anticipation of what to expect for our London Faith Tour. We arrived in London at 1pm with a cheer and a sigh of relief. Our first stop was the Grand Central Mosque where we were met by Jayde our tour guide. She was a Muslim convert who taught us all what it was like to be a young Muslim woman in today’s society. The Mosque was a fantastic experience as we got to witness midday prayer time and explore the spirituality of the religion. We also got to ask personal questions about the faith and also put to rest any stereotypes we may have heard before. After the Mosque, there was time for shopping! We had 2 hours to explore Oxford Street and buy souvenirs! Some of the girls even got the privilege of bumping into Brendan Rogers in Starbucks! After an exhausting afternoon of shopping, we arrived for our tea at The Hard Rock Café where we were greeted by music and burgers, a great way to end day 1!

Tuesday brought a new day and new places to visit. We were up for 7am and eating breakfast by 8am. Next stop- The London Eye! After waiting in the long queue, we got to enjoy the views of London. It didn’t take long to spot all the eye sores and take a few ‘selfies’ of big ben and the Houses of Parliament. It also didn’t take long to discover Mr Mulholland had a fear of heights! After the London Eye we headed to the Mark Bevis Synagogue, where we explored the beautiful building and learnt about the history of the Synagogue. Once we had finished, we headed towards St Paul’s Cathedral and got a bite to eat before the mammoth task of walking up to the top of the dome! The cathedral was a fantastic spiritual experience; we got to look at the grandeur and art displayed around the place of worship and also got to enjoy the views of London from the top. The negative was that when we got back down our legs turned to jelly and we were exhausted! Tea time came and we went off to Pizza hut to fill our faces before the show. The show was a great way to end a great tour. We got to see Matilida! The actors were amazing and it was a real fun filled show with plenty of laughs!

Wednesday arrived and it was time to pack up and head home, after a busy few days, there were a few tired faces and by the time we had breakfast we were ready to return home. As we boarded the coach, Dave couldn’t resist a few April fools and the jokes continued all the way to Liverpool. We all had an amazing Faith tour and hopefully built many memories that will last a life time. The girls were amazing; they were respectful, well-mannered and represented the school impeccably. Well done Broughton Girls!