Psychology is a popular subject at Key Stage 5. This course provides a variety of opportunities for students to investigate and apply knowledge in a range of key areas. The course is over 2 years and is assessed via examination on 3 papers.
To help Psychology students develop and apply scientific skills of investigation into a variety of, biological and human behavioural questions; A Level students use methods of experiments, observation, self-report, and detailed case studies to learn about topics such as memory, stress, attachment, conformity, psychological disorders, aggression, and relationships.

A Level Psychology is taught wholly in the Sixth Form Block Students have access to laptops from 2 designated laptop trolleys. Interactive whiteboards are used as a tool in several of the lessons. There is an online textbook that can be accessed at school and at home and key materials for the course can be accessed by students via the school's public drive and on Moodle.

Students have access to a number of publications, revision resources, and hands-on tools are used within lessons and made available for student use. Extra support sessions are timetabled weekly after school. Students can also get extra help during other times throughout the week.

Health and Social Care is offered at Year 10. The focus is on skills and factors that influence communication between care workers and service users. Students explore these areas by developing a portfolio of illustrations and applications of these key terms to a variety of of health and social care settings.

This portfolio is worth 50% of the students' overall grade in Year 10, and 25% of their overall GCSE. An exam taken in June is equally weighted, covering the rights of service users and the care values care givers must promote when working in health and social care fields.

In Year 11, students complete 2 pieces of coursework, each worth 50% of the student's overall grade in Year 11,a and 25% of their overall GCSE. In the first unit, students focus on physical health by learning about body systems and how health is measured. For the second unit, students investigate childhood developmental milestones and apply this knowledge to designing a nursery.

In Psychology, Year One students complete 2 equally weighted exams which focus on research methods, memory, stress, social psychology, attachment and individual differences in behaviour. In Year Two, students complete three exams based on more in depth development of previous learning and a third paper which focuses on subjects such as, aggression, relationships, eating behaviour, and research methods.
Subject staff endeavour to connect students to the subject using guest speakers and educational visits. In Psychology, students are given opportunities to use their skills of research and designing studies in real life settings. Students do several research studies throughout the year outside of the classroom. The British Psychological Society informs much of the work done in the A Level course.

Student feedback for Psychology is very positive. Students have reported feeling satisfied with the level of support they are being given, are happy with the teaching, and are confident that the staff are working well to help them achieve.

Staff work with students to create a welcoming and calm atmosphere where students feel they can achieve. At all levels, learning is individualised to meet the needs of each student. Students are monitored closely in every course and given consistent feedback as to their progress. Opportunities to improve are given after each assessment and additional support is provided. In Psychology, a current collaboration with Cardinal Heenan High School continues to be successful with students from both schools working well together.