Broughton Hall High School - One Heart, One Mind
In November, 4 Year 9 pupils were invited to Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to present their project on how to educate young people in developing countries about Malaria. As the pupils arrived they were taken to the Archives and shown the first hand drawn pictures of Mosquitos, as well as the diaries of scientists the lectured at the school when it first opened. Following on from this the pupils had a tour of both the oldest and newest laboratories, here they were able to see specimens of different parasites and preserved organs that had been damaged by micro-organisms.

When the girls visited the newest laboratory they were able to see where the mosquitos were kept and helped to collect some pupae for the Research Assistants. During lunchtime the pupils participated in a number of activities, which included making DNA bracelets and building villages to where Malaria was not prevalent out of magic sand. After lunch the pupils presented their project, with confidence, to approximately 40 Doctors and Research Assistants from the Vector Biology Department, all of who were very complimentary of the students and their work. The pupils enjoyed their time at the School of Tropical Medicine and enjoyed working on their project.