If you need to contact Broughton Hall you can do so by the following methods:

Mrs G Smith
Telephone: 0151 541 9440
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Post: Broughton Hall Catholic High School, Yew Tree Lane, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 9HJ.

As a parent/guardian, what do I do if I have a concern about how my child's special needs are being supported?
At Broughton Hall each subject teacher is a teacher of SEN.  If you have a concern regarding your child's progress or the support that she is given, start with her subject teacher.  If you feel that the response has been inadequate, you can contact the Head of Subject.  The person with  responsibility for the operation of special needs with the school is the SENCo.  Mr Mulholland can be contacted by phone (0151-5419481) or by email( mulhollandc@broughtonhall.com).  Lastly, as a parent your ultimate recourse is with the Headteacher (Ms. Clarke). At Broughton Hall we can assure you that the matter raised will be treated with the utmost respect and seriousness and dealt with in a timely fashion."