Broughton PE Department are challenging you! We are supporting National School Sport week and we hope to get you involved too! Who will take on the challenge to beat their teacher, a friend, a sibling or a different family member?

This year, the Youth Sport Trust has partnered with Sky Sports to run a national campaign which will aim to unite the country - families, schools, sport and businesses - in a celebration of the power of sport. Each day will bring a new active challenge with emphasis on a fun sports day event, a family sport activity or a dance around your living room. Whatever that challenge maybe, it can be organised and planned in advance by you. YST have provided you with a variety of activities for all ages and abilities (see link below) or you can be creative and make your own physical challenges.

It is really important to keep active more so now than ever. It's time to get practicing and raise the competition in your household. Who could be the household sports champion?

Please remember to clear the area if you are using equipment, consider space and warm up before any physical activity. Let the games begin… no cheating!

Some of your teachers will be sharing their physical activity challenges with you!
Come on Broughton! Let's get involved!