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21st March 2013
BBC School Report News Day 2013
Phew! What an exciting day! Year 10s Shona, Emma, Kayleigh, Sarah, Jenny, Aoife, Georgia, Lauren, Charlotte and Alex, Year 8's Elizabeth, Rebecca, Sinead and from Year 12 Michelle and Diana have worked really hard on BBC School Report News Day 2013.

Over the past few months we have been meeting after school to work towards today, they have been researching, writing and filming the latest news stories. Using the iPads they have developed lots of really useful skills, including filming techniques and using iMovie to edit clips.

Everyone has had a great day and we are very pleased with the results, this is our final broadcast but keep coming back to this page where we will showcase all the news reports we have created over the previous weeks.
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Happy Birthday Twitter

Girls from Broughton hall have been reporting on Twitter's 7th birthday and discussing the issues that surround it for young people.  A big happy birthday to Twitter from Broughton Hall, can you spot our suprise visitors?

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